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Monday, July 2, 2012

Golf Needs Tiger Woods

Woods victorious at this weekend's AT&T National
      Thirty six year old Tiger Woods passed Jack Nicklaus for most PGA Tour victories with 74 with his win Sunday at the AT&T National. Woods now sits in second place behind Sam Snead's 82 career victories. The bigger story is what Tiger means to the sport of golf. Without Tiger, golf is dead.

     According to the USA Today, this weekend's AT&T National drew a 4.6 rating which is 188% higher than last year's coverage of the tournament. Tiger may have lost fans after his personal issues become public, however the fact is Tiger makes you turn on the TV.

     Golf tried to save itself in Tiger's absence, by anointing Rory McIlroy as the next "big thing" after his victory at the British Open. However, the plan did not follow through proving there is no substitute to Woods. Tiger Woods has the ability to attract viewers like no other athlete. Before we were watching to see Tiger dominate the competition, now we watch to see if the old Tiger can reemerge.

     Woods has been playing well lately and naturally arguments have arisen as to whether Tiger is back. While there may be an argument there, there is no argument that people watch golf because of Tiger. The golfing world will sit back and enjoy as the Tiger saga continues.

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