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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tim Tebow: The Fraud

     Turn on Sportcenter, they are talking about Tim Tebow. Turn on NFL Network, they are talking about Tim Tebow. Turn on any sports related show and you guessed it, they will talk about the Jets backup (key word backup) quarterback.

     The whole nation fell in love with Tebow when he led the Broncos to a stunning victory over the heavily favored Steelers. How could you not? He seemed like a great young man and was America's lovable underdog.
How could you not fall in love with that smile?
      When he went to the Jets in a trade this off season, the real Tim Tebow was exposed. He continued to market his image as the grateful, hardworking player, but the act is getting old. Tim Tebow does not see himself as a backup. I do not see him rooting against fellow teammate Mark Sanchez to win the job, however only because Tebow knows it will eventually be his.

    Mark Sanchez was quoted in the New York Post as saying ,"I'm thrilled to work with him" concerning the addition of Tebow. Mark we know you are not thrilled. You were shaking in your boots when Mark Brunell began taking snaps with the Jets first string team in the middle of last season.

             Watch as Tim Tebow repeats the word excited 45 times in his first press conference with the Jets

       Tim Tebow may continue to say he is excited and enjoys working with Sanchez, but it's all about marketability. Tim cannot present himself as bitter because he needs the support that will eventually make him the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. Once the boo birds reign down on Mark Sanchez, Tebow Time will arise in New York as it did in Denver.

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