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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Orleans Hornets: The New OKC

The New Orleans Hornets: The New OKC

     The New Orleans Hornets arguably had the best draft Thursday by selecting Anthony Davis out of Kentucky  and Austin Rivers out of Duke. These are two solid picks and there is no doubt the Hornets have an excellent opportunity to turn their franchise around. However, unlike most that are consumed by the hype, the Hornets are not immediate championship contenders. With any young, talented team, it takes time to mold into a serious contender. (see Thunder)

     Like Oklahoma City, New Orleans, although much more prominent of a city, is a small market in the NBA. For a small market to improve they have to do it through the draft. No one wanted to be a part of the Thunder when the transition was first made from Seattle, but today with the Thunder branded as the youngest and most exciting team in basketball, they have become more of a viable option for free agents and players looking to resign alike. The Hornets are heading down the same path. They have a built a nice young nucleus in Davis and Rivers and are now more likely to resign Eric Gordon as he will find it hard to leave something that could become special. Everyone one knows the ceiling is high for Davis, but his team first attitude often gets overlooked. Davis mentioned the word "defense" eight times when speaking to Jonathon Coachmen on his ESPN Radio show. I know talk is cheap, however I genuinely believe Davis will not be complaining about not getting enough possessions down the road. The Hornets started off on the right foot in their rebuilding process and only time will tell if the Hornets can become the next OKC.
   Davis and Rivers press conference

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