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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tim Tebow: The Fraud

     Turn on Sportcenter, they are talking about Tim Tebow. Turn on NFL Network, they are talking about Tim Tebow. Turn on any sports related show and you guessed it, they will talk about the Jets backup (key word backup) quarterback.

     The whole nation fell in love with Tebow when he led the Broncos to a stunning victory over the heavily favored Steelers. How could you not? He seemed like a great young man and was America's lovable underdog.
How could you not fall in love with that smile?
      When he went to the Jets in a trade this off season, the real Tim Tebow was exposed. He continued to market his image as the grateful, hardworking player, but the act is getting old. Tim Tebow does not see himself as a backup. I do not see him rooting against fellow teammate Mark Sanchez to win the job, however only because Tebow knows it will eventually be his.

    Mark Sanchez was quoted in the New York Post as saying ,"I'm thrilled to work with him" concerning the addition of Tebow. Mark we know you are not thrilled. You were shaking in your boots when Mark Brunell began taking snaps with the Jets first string team in the middle of last season.

             Watch as Tim Tebow repeats the word excited 45 times in his first press conference with the Jets

       Tim Tebow may continue to say he is excited and enjoys working with Sanchez, but it's all about marketability. Tim cannot present himself as bitter because he needs the support that will eventually make him the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. Once the boo birds reign down on Mark Sanchez, Tebow Time will arise in New York as it did in Denver.

New Orleans Hornets: The New OKC

The New Orleans Hornets: The New OKC

     The New Orleans Hornets arguably had the best draft Thursday by selecting Anthony Davis out of Kentucky  and Austin Rivers out of Duke. These are two solid picks and there is no doubt the Hornets have an excellent opportunity to turn their franchise around. However, unlike most that are consumed by the hype, the Hornets are not immediate championship contenders. With any young, talented team, it takes time to mold into a serious contender. (see Thunder)

     Like Oklahoma City, New Orleans, although much more prominent of a city, is a small market in the NBA. For a small market to improve they have to do it through the draft. No one wanted to be a part of the Thunder when the transition was first made from Seattle, but today with the Thunder branded as the youngest and most exciting team in basketball, they have become more of a viable option for free agents and players looking to resign alike. The Hornets are heading down the same path. They have a built a nice young nucleus in Davis and Rivers and are now more likely to resign Eric Gordon as he will find it hard to leave something that could become special. Everyone one knows the ceiling is high for Davis, but his team first attitude often gets overlooked. Davis mentioned the word "defense" eight times when speaking to Jonathon Coachmen on his ESPN Radio show. I know talk is cheap, however I genuinely believe Davis will not be complaining about not getting enough possessions down the road. The Hornets started off on the right foot in their rebuilding process and only time will tell if the Hornets can become the next OKC.
   Davis and Rivers press conference

Carlos Lee and His Cattle Ranch


 Cattle Ranch v The Los Angeles Dodgers

      What does a cattle ranch have to do with Astros outfielder Carlos Lee? Well it may be a major factor that will prevent the Dodgers from gaining much needed offense and the Astros more young prospects. Lee has a very successful cattle ranch in Texas and is uncomfortable with leaving the Houston area that he is well connected with. Well why can't the Astros and Dodgers say sorry Carlos, we have a deal, you are going to Los Angeles whether you like it or not. The reason is, Lee is in the driver's seat being that he has vetoing power to fourteen teams, including the Dodgers.
Lee at his cattle ranch in Houston http://www.chron.com
     Now that it is established the power is in Lee's hands, he has to take into consideration the impact of the trade on his career. Lee is set to earn $18.5 million dollars this year and the Dodgers, according to MLB Network's Jon Heyman, would take on the majority of his remaining contract. Leaving something so enjoyable and lucrative in his Houston cattle ranch is understandable, but Lee needs to look at the big picture. Lee will enter the free agent pool after this season and a move to the Dodgers will make himself more attractive to potential suitors. He will be playing for a contending team with other pieces around him. There is more opportunity to excel and perform in the spotlight. Whatever Lee decides, each party involved will benefit if the deal is completed.