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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top Ten All Star Snubs

      With every All Star Game comes a list of players who were wrongly left out of the festivities. While there are certainly more than ten players to be included on this list, this is who I think are most deserving.

10. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
      "Salty", as Red Sox fans call him, has had a break out year for Boston. Jarrod is hitting .254 with 15 home runs and 37 RBIs. Not stand out numbers, but better than the AL's starting back stop Mike Napoli (.238 avg, 12 HR, 30 RBI). You also have to take into account what Salty has meant for his team. His bat provided the Red Sox with a much needed push after a rough April.

9. James McDonald
    Not many people recognize the name of the Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher or any other Pirate player for that matter...but the fact is McDonald got snubbed. The Pirates are battling with the Cincinati Reds for the top spot in the NL Central and McDonald has been a big part of that. With a 7-3 record and a 2.44 ERA on a contending team, I do not see any reason James McDonald should not be pitching in Kansas City July 10th.

8. Aaron Hill
    The reason Aaron Hill of the Arizona Diamondbacks was not selected was because Houston's second basemen Jose Altuve was the only player worthy to represent the Astros. Each team must have one player on the team, and Altuve seemed like the only legitimate choice. Hill has done something unprecedented this season. He hit for the cycle not once, which would be impressive on its own, but twice. Oh yeah, and he completed both cycles in the same month! Hill is currently on the ballot for the 34th man, but will face stiff competition including Nationals rookie phenom Bryce Harper.

7. A.J. Pierzynski 
   The long time Chicago catcher is not a fan favorite nor is he well liked by the players. He did not help his cause when responding to the claim that Napoli is having a good year when saying, "Yeah if you think hitting .230 is having a good year." Better luck next year A.J.

6. Edwin Encarnacion
    Everyone knows "Joey Bats" or Jose Bautista up in Toronto, but his teammate Edwin Encarnacion often gets overlooked. Edwin has blasted 22 HRs with a .289 average for the Blue Jays this season.  Bautista recognized the mistake with his tweet.

5. Zack Grienke
    When fans have heard the name Grienke this year it has mostly been in relation to trade rumors. The Brewers have struggled, but Greinke has not. With a 9-2 record and a 2.82 ERA Grienke has been one of the best pitchers in the National League and deserves a roster spot.

4. Josh Willingham
     Like Grienke, Willingham's name has mostly been referred when discussing trades. The well travelled slugger has put up some nice power numbers (16 HRs 52 RBIs) for the Twins this year. No wonder so many teams are looking to him this trade deadline in search of offense.

3. Madison Bumgarner
    Being on a staff with Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, it is not to easy to steal the spotlight. Pitching in the spacious AT&T Park does not hurt, but nevertheless Bumgarner has put up All Star like numbers (10-4 2.85 ERA).

2. Johnny Cueto
    When looking at the NL roster I kept scanning the pitchers waiting to see Cueto's name. Johnny has been the ace of the Cincinnati Reds and is the biggest snub among pitchers. Maybe being left out will spur Johnny to improve upon his 2.26 ERA...if that's even possible.

1. Chipper Jones
    Is Chipper the biggest snub statistically? Absolutely not. However, an All Star Game appearance would mean a lot to Jones and to baseball, being that he is retiring after this season. Chipper has been receiving gifts from opposing teams on every Braves' road trip; why can't we make an all star selection another one of those gifts.


  1. David Write not Starting ? come on . this is a disgrace .

    1. That is ridiculous. Giants fans must have spent a lot of time on the computer voting for Sandoval.

  2. Austin Jackson should be on this list.

  3. Jed Lowrie should be on this list as well... and congrats to Chipper for making the all star roster.

  4. Like I said it is hard to choose just ten. Lowrie and Jackson are both deserving as well