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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The MLB All Star Game Has it Right

Kansas City will play host to this year's mid summer classic
     With the MLB All Star Game three days away, it will once again be clear that this game is superior to all other all star games. The reason is simple; this all star game is the only one where something is up for grabs. Not only are the players playing to represent their respective leagues, but they are playing for home field advantage in the World Series. In the end, only a few players that played will actually benefit from the home field advantage, however in the moment each player on a contending team believes this is a factor in getting their team a championship.

A picture of players taking it easy in Hawaii at the relaxing Pro Bowl
     The NBA and NFL all star games do not have anything to play for. Let's start with the dreaded NFL Pro Bowl. I will give credit to Roger Goodell for moving the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl rather than a week after, however it is still the worst all star game in sports. Not only is nothing up for grabs, but the players are not even trying. You would think putting star football players (not including the many who drop out) on the same field would be exciting, but it regularly disappoints and ends up looking like a flag football game down at the park. It should be noted the Pro Bowl cannot determine home field advantage as a different city hosts the Super Bowl each year, however something must be done to get people to watch the game in lieu of watching their grass grow. 

These two would not have those smiles on their face if this game meant something
     Now on to the NBA all star festivities. Compared to the Pro Bowl, the NBA All Star Game is much more exciting. Similar to the Home Run Derby, the NBA holds an exciting night before the actual all star game that includes the dunk and three point contests. Once the game gets under way however, the MLB once again reigns supreme. The NBA players are more competitive than NFL players at the Pro Bowl and the majority of the NBA's superstars play, but can you imagine these superstars playing in a game where home field advantage in the NBA finals was at stake? Just picture the drama of Kobe and LeBron going at each other to make sure they will have the easier road to another ring. The NBA All Star Game is certainly an exciting time for the fans and the league, but adding an extra incentive will make this game a must watch for any casual NBA fan.

     It is ironic that the sport most consider unwatchable, in baseball, ends up becoming the most drama filled all star game, while the sport most consider the most exciting, in football, has the most boring. As Roger Goodell and David Stern watch this year's MLB All Star Game, they should finally get the picture that a more meaningful game produces more excitement for the fans and more competitiveness between the players.

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