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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bold NFL Predictions

     It's only July, but training camp is right around the corner and I could not wait to share my bold predictions for the 2012-2013 NFL season.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Robert Griffin III

Griffin has star potential in the NFL


     Griffin is the favorite to win the award and I would have to agree. Griffin will bring much needed excitement to the nation's capital. Some might argue Andrew Luck is one of the best quarterbacks to come out of the draft in a long time and will therefore take the award. However, Griffin has the better team, although not saying much compared to the abysmal roster of the Indianapolis Colts. Like Cam Newton last year, Griffin will get his team wins and do it will flare and excitement.

Team That is Most Likely To Make a Break Through: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens destiny rests on Flacco's shoulders
     The Baltimore Ravens were oh so close to a Super Bowl birth after wide left that resembled old  Florida St. v Miami games. We all know about the Ravens defense and even as Ray Lewis gets older he still plays at a high level. One thing that does concern me however about their defense is the health of linebacker Terrel Suggs. This guy is a beast and the Ravens need him as a pass rusher. The major factor that will decide whether or not the Ravens make a break through is the play of quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco called himself an elite quarterback despite critisicm from not only opponents, but fellow teammates like star safety Ed Reed. Flacco needs to play like the elite quarterback he says he is if the Ravens want to reach New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Team Most Likely To Take a Step Backwards: San Diego Chargers

Turner is already on the hot seat in San Diego
    I hear the same complaints from Chargers fans every year. "We have so much talent it is just that terrible coach Norv Turner who is holding us back!" Turner will return for one more year which I think will be a shaky one. The AFC West just got a lot tougher now that Peyton is in Denver and Oakland and Kansas City are not the same cupcake type teams they used to be. Also, the Chargers lost some key pieces. First, veteran offensive lineman Marcus McNeill, who even though is getting up there in age is still a talented player. The offense had two major losses in wide reciever Vincent Jackson and running back Mike Tolbert. Phillip Rivers will still be able to run a high powered offense, but losing a tall, strong reciever in Jackson and a solid running back to split time with Ryan Matthews, will cost the Chargers some games.

Team That Will Surprise Us: Carolina Panthers

Last year's Rookie of the Year will shine again for Carolina
     Cam Newton showed the NFL world last year he can play. Not only is Cam going to come back strong for the Panthers, but they will have an improved defense. Carolina is led by a defense minded head coach in Ron Rivera and has an elite line backing corp that will add the young star Jon Beason after he was sidelined last year with an injury. Also, the division gets slightly weaker as the New Orleans Saints will not be the same dominate team after the bounty scandal and the loss of Sean Payton.

Break Out Player: Titus Young

Young will most likely be the #2 behind Calvin Johnson
    I could have went a lot of ways with this pick, but I chose Lions receiver Titus Young.  Young had a solid season for the upstart Lions considering he battled an injury with 607 yards and 6 TDs. The thing that excites me about Titus Young is his big play ability. Titus will play alongside Calvin "MegaTron" Johnson which will relieve him of any pressure and will receive passes from a formidable QB in Matthew Stafford. Reports from OTAs say Young looks "tremendous" and I expect the same this season.

Most Valuable Player: Tom Brady

Look at the dashing, talented Brady
     Not many NFL fans are fond of Tom. It might be his looks, his ability, his wife, it does not matter the fact is Brady will have a great year for the Patriots. New England is absolutely loaded on offense as they finally provided Brady with a deep threat in Brandon Lloyd. Not to mention, the productive tight end duo of Gronkowski and Hernandez got a new addition with former Giant Jake Ballard. Tom Brady will continue to be Tom Brady, but this time he gets even more help.

Super Bowl Winners: New England Patriots

Belichick will look to win his fourth title
    For those not rooting for the Patriots, the last two predictions probably are making you sick. As I mentioned previously the Patriots made some big additions on offense that will only hope to improve upon last year's offensive showcase. The biggest issue New England faced last year was their defensive struggles. The Patriots chose two defensive players in the first round this year, including the linebacker out of Alabama Dont'a Hightower who is predicted to make a big impact, to try and fix the issue. Some are saying the Patriots will have a hangover after their devastating loss to the Giants in last year's Super Bowl, but I think the opposite is true. Bill Belichick will keep his team focused and they will be more hungry to avenge their loss.

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